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Who is editing my resume?

Randy founded, in order to help others succeed. When he went to college, he had a very difficult time having anyone edit his resume. Professors didn't want to help and would just refer him to the "Career Center" at the colleges. The problem with career centers is that they are staffed with Academic Professionals without any HR background.

Why is HR background needed to edit resumes? In many large corporations, all resumes for any position first goes through the HR Department. They are the "gatekeepers" to getting a job. That's why holds a competitive advantage. Randy knows what HR looks for in resumes, because he has screened many resumes in his four years as an HR Professional. He also has formal training in HR from his Masters Degree in HR Design from Claremont Graduate University. To learn more about Randy and to view his resume, click here: LinkedIn Profile. If you would like to contact him please click here.

Highlights of his career include:

  • Masters Degree in HR from Claremont Graduate University

  • Certificate in HR from UCLA

  • 8 years HR Corporate Experience

HR Competencies:

  • Resume Screening

  • Benefits Management

  • Disability/LOA Administration

  • HR Project Management

  • New Hire/Termination Processing

  • Attendance PTO/Tracking

  • Training Analysis

  • HR Metrics

  • HR Federal and California State Employment Law

Randy holds a Masters in HR and has screened hundreds of resumes in his professional career working in an HR Department. Randy knows what hiring managers look for in resumes because he has been on the other side. Don't let anyone edit your resume, get it done by a Resume Professional!

What is the art of resume editing?
What are all the services you provide?


Resume Editing Session

Have your Resume Edited professionally by an HR Professional. We will ensure that your resume is concise and highlights the qualifications employers will look for. Each Resume Session consists of your resume being edited once and sent back to you. For example two Resume Sessions consists of your resume being edited twice.


Cover Letter Editing SessioN

Have your Cover Letter Edited professionally by an HR Professional. Not only will it be edited for grammar, but edited to ensure that your qualifications are displayed effectively and will land you that job!


Career AdvicE

Ask those burning career questions. What career path is best for my profession? What educational route do I need to take? An HR Professional will answer your questions to help you succeed. Prefer to talk over the phone? We can schedule a time to call you to answer your questions. Prefer to meet in person? If you live in the Los Angeles, CA area, an HR professional will meet with you in person!


Practice Job IntervieW

Have a job interview coming up? Let an HR Professional help you land that job of your dreams.


Using our services is a simple process. Visit our Services page, choose a service or package. Upload your resume and submit your name and email address. Your resume will be transmitted to a Resume Professional and be edited for content, structure, and grammar. Then after editing, we will email your resume back.

How Does it work?
is a resume edit really just $99.99? 

Here at, our goal is to help you succeed in your career, not to make you go bankrupt getting there. If you're struggling to find a new job, chances are you don't have the money to spend on an expensive resume editing service. That's why we charge less than the competition that typical charges $150 to $250 per resume edit. Instead, our services start at just $99.99 per resume edit and you get a certified HR professional to edit your resume.

We are confident that you will tell your friends how your resume received a great makeover!

Those people who think that a simple copy and paste of the job description makes a great resume are wrong. In order to craft an amazing resume, you have to focus on the audience of the hiring company. Why should they hire you? What are your accomplishments? Why should they bother to look past the first half page of your resume? Here is how we will help your resume.

  • We will capture the readers attention within "30 seconds" with an impressive qualification summary.

  • We will target your resume for the job you are applying for with key words that are linked to the job description.

  • We will highlight the accomplishments in your job more than just the basic job duties.

  • We will streamline the formatting and grammar to hold the recruiter's attention from start to finish.

Why choose us?

have your resume edited by a certified hr professional, not by a mysterious resume service


Your Resume is edited




Upload your resume

According to Forbes, the average number of people who apply to a single job is 118. Out of those 118, only 20% get an interview. How can you beat the odds? Let's understand that a resume isn't just a file that you just upload when you apply for a job. Its an advertisement for yourself and what you can bring to a company. That's why a resume must be uniquely crafted to achieve maximum results.

Here at, we are here to help you get a job interview. You will be paired with Randy, who holds a Masters degree in Human Resources and has over 8 years of working in an HR department and screening hundreds of resumes. Randy knows what hiring managers look for in resumes because he has been on the other side. Don't let anyone edit your resume, get it done by a Resume Professional!